The Office of the State Inspector General

Our Mission

To promote integrity and accountability, as well as efficient and effective government through the conduct of independent investigations, performance reviews, and other services designed to provide objective and useful information to the citizens of the Commonwealth and those charged with its governance.


Brief History

On April 12, 2011,  reform legislation was enacted that included the establishment of a State Inspector General to investigate waste and inefficiencies in state government. The two bills, SB1477 and HB2076, were a result of recommendations from the Governor's Commission on Government Reform. As outlined in the bills:

Establishes the Office of the State Inspector General to be headed by a State Inspector General to investigate complaints alleging fraud, waste, abuse, or corruption by a state agency or nonstate agency or the officers and employees thereof; Authorizes the State Inspector General to examine the management and operation of state agencies; Defines "nonstate agency" and provides a record exemption under the Freedom of Information Act for certain investigative/audit documents of the Office;Consolidates the offices of inspector general of the Departments of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Corrections, Juvenile Justice, and Transportation and the Department of the State Internal Auditor into this new office, and adds responsibility for tobacco indemnification and revitalization.